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3DGlitch Gallery Talk 5pm October 29 then Late opening with refreshments till 7pm followed by Crab Walk Preview at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art 3DGlitch OCTOBER 15 – NOVEMBER 20 2015 Priestman Gallery, 1st Floor, Priestman Building, Green Terrace, Sunderland, SR1 3PZ Opening times Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm 3dGlitchbooklet v4 Artists: Eric Bainbridge, Darren Banks, […]

D(angle) is a hanging of figurative pieces by FlikeM  and David Higdon. FlikeM a.k.a Nancy  Castrogiovanni, Gloria Louka hold the viewer in suspense: tumescences drip through the ceiling alongside a pair of mannequins slung from above as setting for a surprise performance devised by the sculptors. The angle Dave Hig investigates is therapeutic. Having arrived at the […]

Neil Armstrong Billy Hughes My work is a synergy of audio and video . I like the viewer to add there own narrative to what they experience.  I like to experiment, manipulate and incorporate technology and scratch at reality to see what happens in this process .  In this video i’ve tried to create rhythm,harmony,chaos […]

Claire Melvin Alexandra Kerr My work is based on the idea of the good and bad side to social lives such as having your mind disconnected from your body for example when your drunk. I have put this across in my sculpture ‘mindlass’ from this I have taken an interest into the mind being separate […]

SPS PRESENTS: Kim Hill, Andrew Mitchell, Adelle Cutter Adelle Cutter Kim Hill Andrew Mitchell

New work by Daniel Tulip, Faye Magnus, Sophie Everett and Morgan Simons Morgan Simons is an artist with a special interest in and feeling for narrative. She has a tendency to transform common objects and situations into a storytelling event. Although she uses a variety of materials and produces varying works, they are held together by recurring […]

Les Dawson My work has been a transitional exploration of letting go from the idea of a finished product. I recognised that thinking of ideas as an end product hindered me with a frustrating rigidity during creation. My work that I am presenting is an answer in development of what questions the material raised during […]