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Vintage santa Mashup by JH Seasons Greetings from SPS …See you in the New Year… In the meantime why not join our facebook group…  Advertisements

Kathryn Bird Sophie Parish

Thomas Conlon Melissa Tivnen Beccy Jobson Jonathon Osmond

Melanie Wright  When confronted with myself in performance, a visual language develops and a dialogue is formed. My body is the material with which I am constantly exploring its intimate and physical capabilities, limitations, and attributes. The female form lies at the root of projects, designed to formally and conceptually challenge our memory and understanding […]

‘Untitled’ An autobiographical sculpture of a naturalistic kind.  My work deals with issues of duality the real and the imagined.  The symbolism of the Tarot deck the ‘hanged man’ (contained in the death mask) being representative of a period of standstill relating to ‘limbo’. On the flip-side the image of the ‘night in repose in the tomb’, being repesentative […]

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