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Christina Neslund : My work fixates on the manipulation of natural materials by man to create useable resources and the way in which mother nature over time ‘reclaims’ the material often through an oxidising reaction which can be seen to return altered metals back to a more natural hue .In this piece a use […]

lee Cutter My work depicts past memories and events that have happened in a particular period my life. This exhibition contains 3 pieces, a sculpture, a video piece and a light installation. Gaining a balance of concepts, visual asthetics and making processes, seems to hold a great deal of importance in my current work. I choose […]


Nancy Castrogiovanni My recent work reconsiders the reconciliation of the human being to nature. Represented in the form of a flower, parts of the body (legs), appear as an organic part of the flower itself, as if human beings and nature were one thing only. The other perspective proposed (if the painting was removed from […]

Jill Campbell  I am interested in the weather as a subject for my work, looking at in terms of my own personal response and in the broader sense of its social, economic and political impact. It shapes our whole physical and cultural world. It forms the environment of which we are an integral part and […]