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SHAUN PROJECT SPACE Marge Ball 26.12.2004 Acrylic paint, pva glue, sand on canvas 145x145cm “Planet earth is 4,600 million years old. If we condense this inconceivable time-span into as understandable concept, we can liken the Earth to a person of 46 years of age. Nothing is known about the first 7 years of this person’s […]

Jill Campbell   Jonathan Osmond Artistic statement. Le’ mot juste. Though initially working with drawing and painting my work has now begun to utilise collage initially inspired by the work of Peter Blake and the cut up technique of William Burroughs. And my painted text work contains the influences of Barbara Kruger. I am particularly […]

Rikki Blythe Julia Forster Plaster on wood, using inks. Sizes 5 x 46cm x 62cm My work reflects my interest in fresco painting and in particular the restoration of Giotto’s frescos’s and how they have since been restored.  The technique and use of materials is important to me, using inks on wet plaster to build […]

Interview New work by Frank Pitt

Daniel Charlton ‘I have always been interested in video games from a young age, completing them and moving onto the next, but in my teen years I had a hard time and it resulted into my escaping into my gaming and virtual worlds. My work is mostly about the most challenging game I have played […]