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Margaret Rhodes My work is inspired by the environment in which we live, I usually start by making detailed observational drawings. The particular site on which this work is based is Sandyhills bay on the Solway Firth. Stake nets in the sand are reminders of traditional methods of fishing which although in decline are still […]

Jenny Mack Sian Evans My piece was first inspired by the sticky bombs of the 2nd World War, I was very interested in their shape and aesthetics and knew I would like to be able to cover a rounded object in handmade knit. It is also a play on the “ready-made object as art” debate along side the question of […]

D(angle) is a hanging of figurative pieces by FlikeM  and David Higdon. FlikeM a.k.a Nancy  Castrogiovanni, Gloria Louka hold the viewer in suspense: tumescences drip through the ceiling alongside a pair of mannequins slung from above as setting for a surprise performance devised by the sculptors. The angle Dave Hig investigates is therapeutic. Having arrived at the […]

Barbara Tinsley The Burden of Age. In this painting I have portrayed a middle aged woman with a hopeless obsession for a much younger man. She stands against a brick wall covered in graffiti which expresses her feelings. Her expression is one of wistful regret. Scrawled on the wall are such phrases as I’M NO […]

‘UNSEEN’ Melanie Wright This video comes from a work in progress called Grey Scale; a response to global events and the fallout of the industry. The main inspiration within my works is the ongoing thought process resulting in artworks that incorporate photography, video, performance and costume. My aim is to plunge the minds of the […]

Neil Armstrong Billy Hughes My work is a synergy of audio and video . I like the viewer to add there own narrative to what they experience.  I like to experiment, manipulate and incorporate technology and scratch at reality to see what happens in this process .  In this video i’ve tried to create rhythm,harmony,chaos […]