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Les Dawson My work has been a transitional exploration of letting go from the idea of a finished product. I recognised that thinking of ideas as an end product hindered me with a frustrating rigidity during creation. My work that I am presenting is an answer in development of what questions the material raised during […]

Rob Hayden Laura-Jane Kirk Aiden Nichol    

cara harwood My artwork is based on Andrea Jones “Hook and Jill” which is about how Wendy Darling starts to grow up and realises that not everything is sweet and innocent. And that what appears to be good is proven otherwise and what seems to be bad may prove be tempting. Although I am basing […]

Infected Paradigm My recent body of work consists of paintings and collages. They are executed in a way of colour, texture, use of symbols and images.What drives my work is the continuously changing state of our society in regards to surveillance (its affect on the politics, human decisions and behaviour, as well as a new […]

New work by Andrew Holder

STITCH-UP: New work by Nancy Castrogiovanni , Poppy Hetherington & Zan Nancy Castrogiovanni Woman object My interest in sculpture started when I realized that every material is different though it may look like another, and each material can also give life to their own thinking and its own concept if the artist knows  how to work it. This […]