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Presentation Tuesday 9th March at 5pm – SHAUN Project Space, Ashburne House Presented alongside the Exhibition Mark Neville: The Jump Films as part pf the AV Festival 10: Energy – Late & Live – 6-8pm To coincide with the exhibition of Mark Neville: The Jump Films, we will be working with the Reg […]

New work by Lisa Au and Gary Looker Lisa Au In this project, I have created a series of landscape paintings by using the photographs as a reference of source for my work. I took the photographs in the location of ULLSWATER in The LAKE DISTRICT early in the spring last year. I was inspired […]



New work by Jane Suttcliffe Inspiration for my work is sought from every day life, I concentrate on similarities we hold as individuals within the world of growth. My work looks at the ever-changing states of mind which influence the range of materials and techniques I have used. Influence is also sought and transferred from […]

New works by Amy Mccaffery,  Emily Wells, Amy Carter and Sarah Charlton Amy Carter Books Fashions Media: Polaroid and Text. After finding 30 or so Polaroid’s in a closing, run-down clothes store I was shocked to discover through these photographs the businesses former grandeur. I was intrigued yet saddened by the silent disappearance of something […]



New Work by Joe Gilchrist

First wife


Trevor Craggs Alana Hogg Laura Oswald and Louise Hagar Trevor Craggs My paintings are rooted in landscape. They are not a snap shot or single moment in time. But often represent the passage of time. They seek to convey the emotion of being in landscape. Recalling atmospheric encounters in changing light and weather, seasons and […]