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New works by Beth Laverick Anthony Johnson Margaret Chilly Beth Laverick I started by painting everything that interested me from my everyday life; objects, people in magazines and in the street. I began increasingly to paint peoples faces as I am fascinated by the way we look and how we express emotion. I enjoy the […]

Theresa Poulton


Theresa Poulton



New work by Kayley Alderson, Megan Keane, Jake Spence and Nicola Vasey Kayley Alderson “Kayley’s paintings primarily focus on the female figure this year as she experiments with colour and shape. Her previous works focused on the female portrait and portrayed these with use of simplistic and shapely forms, almost mirroring the curvaceous body of […]

New works by Laura Duport, Irene Carrick Forshaw, Faye Hammond & Jennifer Winifred Parrish Laura Duport When we look at something it is our responses which are largely reflected by our circumstances, our internal emotion. The landscapes I produce are used as a metaphor for the mind, the innermost, bordering on sub-conscious thoughts, the raw […]

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