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New work by Millie Bisaccia, Sophia Malik and Kerri Moore Millie Bisaccia If I shut my eyes will I see you, a glimpse of beauty with no existence, a shadow that I am longing to see. The imperfection that I’am, I will be waiting for this moment in which I see you again. I don’t […]



New work by Grace Nasby Victoria Nesbitt and Raymond Blenkerne Raymond Blenkerne Inspiration for my work comes from artists such as Kandinsky, Louise Bourguois,Giacometti,but my main inspiration comes from issues in the social sector. This work is a continuation of a work I made last year called “ISOLATION”. It is about how it is used and […]

The common man


New  work by Kim Hill Andrew Woods Charlotte Mc Rae and Martin Stout Kim Hill My work at the moment is influenced by the artwork on the 18th and 19th century gravestones I have photographed in Caithness.  Using this iconography I am interested in playing with perspective and colour to create an intangible narrative within the picture plane. This reflects the […]

Little House


New work by Marian Barber Lynda Clark Adelle Cutter and Lewis Munroe Marian Barber My work explores a make believe world based on my own memories of childhood stories and playthings. This, however, is no longer a world quite as safe as the experiences it is inspired by. Things are less stable. Through the use […]