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Susan Bulley This current body of work is influenced by German Expressionist Film and the Art Nouveau sculpture ‘Spirit of Contemplation’ by Albert Toft. I admire the work of Leni Riefenstal, Fritz Lang, Janet Cardiff, Christopher Le Brun and Ross Bleckner. I am particularly interested in monochrome and its adaptability for creating very atmospheric pieces […]



Cheese New work by Francesca Marshall, Laura-Jane Kirk, Ceriann Kelly & Kay Forbes Francesca Marshall Spectrum I’ve started to look at the science side of light, looking at light through a prism and the spectrum of colors that come from it. Looking at the light and color upon the visual sense and its subsequent interpretation […]

Target Practice


New work by ‘Gina Van-Lore’




New work by Lindsay Cottam Barbara Tinsley Stephen Martin & Jemma Merritt Fantasy bicycle world by Lindsay Cottam I started cycling to save on transport costs and get fit. As I cycled more and more I found that I had become addicted to the sense of freedom gained from cycling .Far from taking up a […]