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Ways of Seeing


New work By Matt Taylor Helen Shaw & Chris Tinkler Advertisements

New works by Theresa Poulton Frank Pitt Daniel Coyne Steven Todd Daniel Coyne My Art in the Shaun space is more about where I am heading with my art, than what I have created. As they are both to be developed into further pieces of work. And these are the templates for where I hope […]



Katie Dryden My work deals with both ‘colour’ and ‘the process’ of creating a painting. Colour is beautiful and i want to express this through my paintings. The two paintings inwhich i have submitted for this exhibition are of an Princess/Model and a Canadian Landscape; both subjects are of substantial beauty which helped me paint […]

marlena olivia bisaccia from /sLab on Vimeo.

New painting and sculpture by … Rikki Blythe Derrick Forth Andrew Mitchel Mark Thirlwell