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Gene Duckworth


 Shaun Gallery recommends Gene Duckworth in the White Room Meet Thursday 2 pm and remember Gene. Advertisements



A Bloody Mess


Kayley Alderson Both bold and curvaceous, Kayley Alderson’s work collectively portrays the beauty of the female appearance. Combining techniques from both pop art and the work of Gary Hume, Kayley, uses these to visualise her personal thoughts on the female form Ellen Kearney Ellen Kearney’s work is based around images from the Northumbrian area of the North East of […]

Only Natural


Sam Cary Samantha’s paintings play with the relationship between naturalism and abstraction. The starting point for her work is small observational sketches and colour notations. From these, paintings are made with an emphasis on abstract qualities such as scale, surface, colour and form.  Rebecca Errington Rebecca has always been interested in nature as a subject. […]

Rebecca Bell Rebecca has explored the use of words as a starting point for her artworks. From her marker pen on fabric works she has developed a process of painting from the shapes in and around  text and experimented with using different painting techniques in one painting. Rebecca is also exhibiting  her ‘big brother’ video.  […]