Archive for November, 2008

Anthony’s work deals with personal frustration. The voices of other opinions are apparent in the work, overshadowing his own interpretation and ideals. Each piece is a re-work, starting with spray paint then recklessly re-worked with paint. This process collectively combines his own ideas and the ideas of others, though this is more of a constant […]



SPS Presents new works by ‘Gina Van-Lore’. Gina is showing 3 large monochromatic drawings based on observations of driftwood at Seaham Beach.



Ashleigh Battla Ashleigh has been inspired by Pre Raphaelite Artists such as Millais , Burne Jones and Holman Hunt, Her work is a modern interpretation of a romantic location. Maegen Mc Divitt Maegen’s work is driven by her reaction to the media’s representation of the female Body, the size zero debate and the unrealistic body […]



Shaun Project Space presents The Pope, Ewa and the Undecided. new works by… Leo Armitage ‘Prix Deux’ Millie Bisaccia ‘Ewa’ Jemma Merritt ‘Untitled’ Jennifer Parrish ‘Untitled’  



  “The wonder of the world, the beauty and the power,the shapes of things, their colours, lights, and shades; these I saw. Look you also while life lasts.”