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New works by Josephine Withers Paul Jackson Ross Collier Advertisements

New paintings by Rachel Boys My work consists of a dreamlike state of mind, of dancing freaky rabbits & toadstools underneath the stars. They are very vibrant colourful shapes, in a made up world. Inspired by children’s books. I wanted my paintings to feel alive with colour and make you the viewer want to be […]

Tom Thubron Reflecting on memories my two wood carvings are a meditation on the web of life and the need for balance. My paintings are sketches of phases in life from the advantage of old age with all its vistas the steadiness of maturity the turbulence and apparent smoothness of the early years. Matthew Henderson. […]



 Helen McCabe   My work concentrates around the illusions of reality and what we see may not necessary be what is there, I have looked in to religious symbols and beliefs. My work is inspired by the surrealist movement like artists such as Rene Magritte. Lee Allison   Sculptural fashion inspired contemporary paintings / This […]

The secret gaze


Shaun project space presents the work of Loren Perry Margaret Chilley and Ferguson Mathews