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Self esteem


New paintings and drawings by Laura Peart  Laura has drawn inspiration from different sites in and around her home town of Tynemouth. Laura  is intrigued  by the possibilities of painting seascapes with figures and  often includes a representation of herself  within  her work.Laura describes her work as loaded with a symbolic expression and  of having a […]

Shaun presents 4 artists whose work attempts to engage and investigate new ideas about painting and sculpture. Hollie Marshall exhibits dripped paint, trapped in double glazing units, lent against the wall, relics from a Video shoot. Kirstin Woods is a keen speleologist (caver) Her work is inspired by John Martin and her experiences underground. Lavinia […]



Thomas Guidery Rave-tribe will showcase fluorescent black-light artwork’s based on combining tribal rituals with rave music and the idea of hallucinogenic drugs. Artwork’s and sculptures will be displayed on Wednesday 23rd January in the Shaun Project Space. On Thursday there will be ongoing performances in the space, including; invented rituals, dances and interactive performances. Click […]


17Jan08 Tuesday will see the first gland. exhibition, which will be taking place for one day only, running alongside the opening of Jon Kessler’s show at the Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland. The show will consist of three video projections, each a show-reel of three works by Michael Gardiner, Brad Lay and Sam Watson. SHAUN project […]



 The exhibition shows two extremes from the traditional work to a more graphic approach to painting. We feel that the differences work and the balance is equal. Angela Myers My recent work has com from images that have caught my attention and of interest to me. One of the paintings in this exhibition came from […]

New works by Kim Hill, Paul Foster, ‘Gina Van-Lore’ and Helen Jordan on show at the Shaun Project Space Tuesday 8th January 2008. Kim Hill – My work always begins with a strong internal instinct which I feel and compelled to follow and nurture. My current series of work comes from a collection of digital […]